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A sycamore is a type of fig tree.  Zacchaeus climbed this type of tree to get a better view of Jesus Luke 19v4.
Children didn't play concors in Bible times - they didn't have any concor trees!
The bible mentions the Cedars of Lebanon on many occasions.  They were mighty trees which produced a red wood.  Solomon used them as beams and panels when he made the temple and his palace 1Kings 6&7.
Noah used this hard, durable, red-coloured wood to build the arkGenesis 6v14.
The gum collected from this tree was used as incense, this was the incense give to Jesus by the wisemen Matthew 2v11.
Acacia is one of the few trees to grow in the Sinai desert, the ark of the covenant was made from this woodExodus 25v10.
The birch is a common forest tree, but not in the bible lands.
Oaks are strong trees growing for many years, their wood was used for oars and carving statues.  King David's son Absalom was found in an Oak tree after he had tried to defeat his father 2Samuel 18v1–10.
The Olive was one of the most valuable trees of the Israelites.  It was called the king of trees Judges 9v8 and the oil made from its berries was used as fuel, medicine, in healings (James 5v14) and as food.
When we think of holly we think of Christmas, we even sing hymns about holly, but it doesn’t grow in the bible lands
The palm tree has huge leaves and a valuable fruit of dates.  The people laid Palm leave on the ground in front of Jesus when entered Jerusalem John 12v12&13.
The Redwood is the biggest tree in the world, but they grow in North America, thousands of miles away from the bible lands.
The vine is the plant on which grapes grow.  Jesus said “I am the vine; you are the branches” John 15v5
The Christmas tree has nothing thing to do with the bible.
The fir and pine trees supplied wood for building the temple, building ships and making musical instruments.
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God created trees on the third day.  He created hundreds of different types of trees and shurbs, many of them are named in the bible.  10 Biblical trees or shurbs are listed here, can you find them without stumbling over six that do not appear.