John's Letters
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James was a brother of Jesus.  HE was leader of the church in Jerusalem and he wrote to remind people that their faith in Jesus must lead them to action.  We need to more than praying for people—we must go out and help them. Key passage: James 2v14–17
Jonah, famous for being swallowed by a big fish, was actually a reluctant prophet.  He was given a message for Israel’s enemies, the Assyrians, but he didn't want to give them it, so he tired to run away from God. Key passage: Jonah 1v1–3
The Gospel of John was written by the disciple.  He wrote it to tells us how Jesus was God, that Jesus was human and that we might believe in Jesus. Key passages: John3v16 John 20v30&31
Joseph was the name of one of the 12 sons of Jacob and the name of the father of Jesus, but it was not the name of a book.
Jacob was a very important man who you can read about in the book of Genesis, not in a book that bears his name.
Job is about a man who lost all that he has in a very short period of time.  He was then tested to see if he would still follow God.  Job kept on follow God even when he was very poor and ill so God restored him and his fortunes.
Key passages: Job 1v1–2v12 & Job 42v7–17
Judges tells us about how Israel was lead before they choose a king.  Examples of Judges include Gideon (Judges 6–8) and Samson (Judges 13–16
Joel was a prophet who told the people what they were doing wrong and then what they must do to make things right.  He also tells us what happens when we turn to God and put God first in our lives.  Joel prophesied as to what would happen on the day of Pentecost. Key passage: Joel 2v28&29
Joshua is a book about how God took his people into the promised land and established them there. Key passages: Joshua 3v14–17 & Joshua 6v1–17
Jesse was the father of David, the second king of Israel.  Jesse story can be read in 1 Samuel.
John wrote three letter to make sure people were believing in the right things.  He wrote about how we should live, as a christian, in love, with God and trusting in God. Key passage: 1John 4v13–21
There are many journeys in the bible.  The longest was when the Israelite’s left Egypt for the promised land, it took them 40 years and it can be read about in the books of Exodus and Numbers.
Jeremiah was a prophet who spoke to God's people in their darkest days.  The people didn’t want to listen to his message, but he kept going with God and God's message.
Key Passage: Jeremiah 7v21–29
Jerusalem is God's city on earth, it is where the Israelite’s built their temple.  It is mentioned over 800 times in the bible but it is not the name of a book.
Jude wrote a warning to people.  There were people who wanted to twist Jesus's message for their own selfish reasons.  He encourages us to keep a strong faith in Jesus. Key passage: Jude 17–23
Judah was the biggest tribe of Israel.  Much of their history is recorded in the books of Kings and Chronicles.
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